Workplace Injuries Cost $62 Billion in U.S. Alone

On average, U.S. companies pay $62 Billion per year on workplace injuries.  Liberty Mutual Insurance has put together its annual Workplace Safety Index outlining the top 10 causes of disabling injuries at work:

1. Overexertion such as lifting, pushing, pulling, carrying, etc. Cost- $13.1 Billion

2. Falls on same level, like slipping on a wet floor –Cost- $10.4 Billion

3. Struck by object or equipment.Cost- $5.2 Billion

4. Falls to lower level, such as from a ladder or platform.Cost- $4.9 Billion

5. Injuries from bending, reaching, twisting, etc. Cost- $3.7 Billion

6. Roadway incidents involving motorized land vehicles. Cost- $2.7 Billion

7. Slip or trip without a fall. Cost- $2.2 Billion

8. Caught in a or compressed by equipment or object. Cost- $1.9 Billion

9. Repetitive motions involving microtasks. Cost- $1.6 Billion

10.  Struck against object or equipment, such as walking into an open door or drawer. Cost- $1.2 Billion

How do these loss types compare to your business? It is worth reviewing your company’s data at least bi-annually so you know you are putting resources in the right place.  Once you understand the causes of your largest losses, you can focus on how to best protect your employees and  conduct updated risk assessments, implement new safety policies, and/or updated training for your employees.