Home Depot $5.7M Fine Serves as Good Reminder for Retailers about Importance of Tracking Recalled Products

Last month, the CPSC issued a significant fine against Home Depot for their failure to pull recalled products from their stores, service desks, salvage outlets and online.  As a result of this failure, Home Depot sold over 2800 recalled products from 33 different recalls over a 4 year period.  The CPSC found that Home Depot failed to maintain adequate procedures to identify, quarantine and prevent the sale and distribution of the recalled products.  

In addition to the fine, Home Depot is required to maintain a compliance program specifically designed for the appropriate disposal of recalled products.  This fine should serve as a good reminder for retailers to ensure they have a compliance program in place for recalled goods.

The Commission voted 4-1 to accept the settlement. Acting Chairman Buerkle voted to accept a lower penalty.