CPSC Chairman Issues Statement on Hoverboard Safety- Those in the supply chain are on notice.

On December 16, 2015, CPSC Chairman Elliot Kaye issued a statement addressing the ongoing investigation into hoverboard fires.  Hoverboards are a two wheeled scooter and a popular gift in 2015. Many are operated by lithium batteries and certain models of hoverboards have been catching fire while being charged, and while in use.

The CPSC is actively investigating the cause of these fires and Chairman Kaye urged awareness and caution to those considering a purchase.  A root cause has not yet been determined for the fires, but he noted that “Our expert staff is looking particularly closely at the configuration of the battery packs and compatability with the chargers.”

Chairman Kaye also expressed his “concern” that there is no safety standard in place for hoverboards. He noted that strong safety standards protect consumers.  He then provided a list of tips to the public who may be considering purchasing a hoverboard.

Chairman Kaye directed his last point to retailers noting:

“Retailers should always be asking their suppliers if there is an applicable safety standard in place before agreeing to sell those products.  The absence of any standard should cause retailers to require extra proof of sound design manufacturing and quality control processes.”

For those entities involved in the sale and distribution of hoverboards, heed the caution of Chairman Kaye and use due diligence in the selection of your supplier and manufacturing partners.

Happy Holidays and see you again in 2016.