CPSC Announces “Repair” Program with IKEA

On July 22, 2105, the CPSC recently announced a new “repair” program with IKEA, wherein IKEA will be offering free wall anchoring kits for certain of its dresser and chest units.   The dressers and chests  pose a tipping hazard if not secured correctly.  IKEA received notice of two reported deaths caused by young children being pinned underneath a tipped dresser.  Significantly, about 27 million dressers and chests are part of the announced repair program.     What is interesting about this particular announcement is that it is not a “recall,” but rather a “repair” program.   This is not the norm for the CPSC to publicly announce a “repair” program, and it remains to be seen whether more announcements of significant repair programs will be made going forward.   The CPSC has worked hard to educate consumers about the dangers of not properly securing and anchoring TVs and furniture including the development of its public service announcements found at www.AnchorIt.gov