A Fitting End to a Wild and Wacky 2016

There is no doubt that 2016 will be one for the books.  The U.S. Presidential election dominated the headlines so you may have missed this little gem.  Do you remember the monkey selfie lawsuit?  PETA brought suit against a wildlife photographer over the copyright ownership of a photograph of Naruto, the 6 year old very photogenic Macaque, who took a fabulous selfie with the photographer’s camera. PETA brought the suit on behalf of Naruto and claimed that the monkey should own the copyright of the photo. PETA lost in the lower court where that Court held that only humans can own a copyright.

Well, PETA filed an appeal recently to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals claiming that copyrights and other property rights should be extended to animals.   The saga continues.  

Have a wonderful and safe start to your 2017. 

Best wishes,